Thursday, September 27, 2007

First steps

I only believed I was finally a medical student in Nottingham when I stepped into Queen's Medical Centre for the first time on Monday morning. Then my companions and I tried to find our way from the South Entrance of the hospital to the medical school. We had to thread through numerous corridors and pass by many doors, some of which, from the nameplates on them, housed our future lecturers.

Since then, the pace of life is speeding up. We were bombarded with more and more things to do and in particular read, as reading lists and timetables came, followed by lecture notes. I have several modules to complete over the academic year.

Behavioural Sciences
Clinical Laboratory Skills I
Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System and Haematology
Communication Skills
Structure function and pharmacology of Excitable Tissues
Human Development and Tissue Differentiation
Molecular Basis of Medicine
Early Clinical and Professional Development I
Public Health and Evidence Based Medicine
Human Development Structure and Function I

I've also met my personal tutor, Dr Victoria Tischler. She's a psychologist and works in the Department of Psychiatry. She's a very nice person, and I'm waiting to see what her Comm Skills lectures are like.

Today also granted me a small revelation.... that of how well Hwa Chong's Bio department had prepared me. I had the opportunity of explaining what the cytoskeleton was, as apparently my fellow medic did not understand it even after the lecturer was done. My reward.... Being called a geek, aka nerd. Damn.

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tanoshi said...

i'm glad you are really enjoying your time at notts! looks like a pretty and interesting place to study :) take care