Saturday, October 06, 2007

Settling down

This is what we call the hallway in our flat. The open door is mine, Room E. The thing attached to the wall is the heater, and after passing it you get to one toilet. Picture on the right is what I now consider the greatest discovery of man, the wonderful bed.

Right, now that's my room in its neater moments. As with most students, the table tends to get extremely messy, more so since it's not a desk with drawers and the like. And there are actually books on my bookshelf already.... Errr.... Some of them I took from the Greenfield Medical Library only because I did not want to wait for others to use them first. I can borrow up to 12 books... And right now, I've barely used half of my quota.

Today I visited the annual Nottingham Goose Fair with fellow Malaysians from the Nottingham Malaysian Society.

It was really huge fun fair with countless stalls of games, rides, food and merchandise. I did not go on any of the rides this time, because I was too cowardly and refused to risk vomiting the food I has just taken. However, I tried some of the game stalls... with no luck.

Then as my flatmate was not feeling well, three of us decided to head home by cab first. Near the exit, I spotted a man with a signboard claiming that he could guess a person's age within a +/- 1 year allowance. If his guess was wrong, the person would get a small toy. I recklessly decided to give it a try. After handing him 2 pounds, he looked at my appearance and wrote down a number on his pinboard. It was the number 24. I could not suppress a laugh, and told him my real age. He seemed rather unhappy about his lack of accuracy, and handed me...

This little guy here. My reward for looking older than I really am.

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