Friday, October 19, 2007


Yeah, anyway, I just did a very rash thing two weeks in a row. I hurt my foot before the first session of CSSA badminton and yet I still played. That resulted in a foot that hurt the whole entire week. Tonight, I went to Jubilee Sports Centre resolved to only socialise but not play. Alas, my plans so backfired. It is just seriously too tempting to sit there and watch people playing my favourite sport. I just couldn't resist and got up to play a few rallies. I paid for it by feeling a renewed pain in my left foot as I walked off. Ouch, I will have to apply more medication to it...

I have no regrets save for one these few weeks. And that one is not really paying attention to my studies. Other than that, when talking about joining badminton, Heartstart, playing the piano at QMC till everyone else is bored, I have no regrets. Only thing is, I'd have to apologise to anyone who has gotten bored of my music over at QMC. I only do it for my own entertainment and for relaxation. Getting to know more people, getting to know people better than before, sharing interests with similar-minded people... It feels relaxing. And to think some of it happened to me just because I wore badminton shoes and carried a badminton racket to the NMS meeting... It's amazing what can happen based on a leap of faith. It really is.

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