Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Travel Diary... Singapore Day 1

Ok... I didn't exactly plan my Singapore trip itinerary, but I ended up visiting quite a number of people on my first day on the island.
First was a long MRT trip to Clementi...

And for what joyful purpose? To tour the institution that rejected my application... *grimace* This is the Fac of Arts and S.Sciences, I think... I can't remember. Of course, seeing a senior is far more important.

After that, at about 2.30 pm, I turned my attention to the road on which I spent virtually 90% of the years 2005 and 2006... Bukit Timah Road.

Everyone knows this place...

Then finally, my most important destination. After collecting my certs, I started taking photos.

Walked this road every school day of 2 years.... sure brings back memories...

I saw myself running down this corridor once, in a bad dream... As if coming here for Physics tutorials and CT sessions weren't enough...

Labs... Used to sit outside them so often... From ground floor up: Chemistry, Physics, Biology. Dissected rats.... Made some chemical levitate because I forgot to tilt my test tube during heating (which unfortunately did not go unnoticed by my tutor :S)... Burned a resistor (it gave off smoke :( )... Cooking over Bunsen burners...

Non-aircon classroom. Some teachers refuse to step into these rooms... for fear of heat and dehydration... *smirk*

Library... And you wish you could turn down the air-con in there sometimes. Housed in Cheng Yi Block and linked to Block A by the metal walkway. Forgive the lousy shots.

Out of the library and into that Biology lecture... Trek down the metal steps that are unique to Block E....

The prospect of one and a half hours of lecture is not the most comforting.

Too bad! We're here.

I usually drink from this one, on level E-3. Problem is, it's ice-cold so it's ironic when you come out for a break during lecture with your fingers frozen, but you go back in after 3 mins with the inside of your mouth frozen instead. The one on E-2 is certainly not freezing but not cold enough most of the time.

I should mention that at this point, I decided that I should try and see if any of my ex-tutors were still around. Sadly, I only met one tutor. After a chat, I left and continued my trek around the college.

After that, it's lunchtime... My goal is to beat the queues...

Perils of P.E. and NAPFA

Block A (and the Central and Inner Plazas)

Other shots:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Travel Diary - Journey to Singapore

I know JPA didn't invite me to the pre-departure briefing for students departing for the UK, but honestly, I have one of my own that can certainly rival theirs. All the advice from parents and relatives... It's no wonder I was glad to finally make my trip down to Singapore. It meant I would be alone, something I value highly as I have been frequently edgy and it will give me a break from all the worries.

Consolation that I'll soon be on an island (I was born and live on one already :P) ... the blurry thing on the right is a stain on the bus window.

The bus terminal of a city that makes Malaysian and Singaporean news almost everyday:

After heading down the Causeway, it somehow seems comforting to see this:

Except for the cars and concrete.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Travel Diary - KL

Well, I am pleased to announce that from now on, readers of this blog (assuming there are any) can expect entries enhanced by pictures courtesy of a Sony Cybershot 650 that I recently acquired. I am still honing my phototaking skills so bear with me.

I have few pics of KL, mainly due to the fact that I dare not carry my camera with me. I have to admit that KL still scares me, albeit less than when I first came.
For those who may not have seen KL before... Allow me to introduce you to...
An extortion machine (i.e. toll booth)On a lighter note... One Utama...

A stall selling steamed fish heads in a small, practically invisible alley, surrounded by trees, houses, and cars of all the customers. (Cheras area)

Monday, July 09, 2007


I love this game. I mean it. I want to play it when I go overseas. Even though my stamina isn't extremely good, I love playing badminton, especially on the court. I never had training for it, or ever represented the class. My style of play revolves around only one sentence: Focus on the shuttle. Since stamina isn't my forte and requires hard physical training, I focus more on finesse, flexibility and my self-trained reaction time.

The lesser of all evils in NAPFA. I enjoyed it more then all the other parts of the annoying physical assessment which all students in Singapore have to endure. Notably, I blacked out once after a run. Although I don't run often, even in Hwa Chong, the few times I remember being timed in PE, I improved each time. First 16+mins, then 15+, then finally in J2, 14+mins. For me, the 2.4 km run tests nothing but endurance. How I complete it is determined almost purely by how hard I push myself. The improved timing at the end is the only prize.

Table tennis:
The newest trend to hit my family. My little sister seems to have sheer talent in it, so all of us are at some point badgered to be her punching bags. I am a single-minded person... and badminton already being my fave sport, I find it hard to catch on to the speedy movement of that tiny ball. However, I'm improving bit by bit, and it seems to have rubbed off on my badminton a little too. I gotta admit, it's a nice game, at least until my siblings start thrashing me. Tit for tat... I thrash them in badminton too.

Wondering why such a boring post? Cause I'm bored... Lol.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Here I go on yet another trip....

Wednesday: Fly to KL via AirAsia at 9.40pm

Thursday: Follow aunt and cousin to see what visa application is like.
*on the way, look out for bargains on Camel shoes, scarf, stockings, socks, gloves, jeans and BENQ digicam!*

Friday-Sunday: KL/Singapore... Haven't decided when to go down. If arrived in Singapore, hunt down Yit An and Ming Hwei. Must not forget to taste deer meat (cooked with ginger and onions, served with rice) at Toa Payoh Mini Wok! Yum!

Monday: Hopefully arrived in Singapore. Visit Hwa Chong. Collect results cert. Drop by NUS(invitation to see Raffles Hall :P). Meet juniors? We'll see. Pack up leftover stuff in Singapore.

Tuesday(tentative): Fly to Kuching (MAS) from Changi (woohoo! but it may be my last visit to Changi, so i hope i can get that digicam to record some pics). Time TBConfirmed. Learn how to use rice cooker to cook just about anything. Crash course by Dad.

Why can't I just stay home and play badminton? (*muscles ache* "Ugh..........." *recalls fun of actually playing on a proper court last night for the first time since Chinese High hall*)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

To all future doctors...

I came across a speech by actor Alan Alda addressed to a group of future doctors back in 1979. I thought it was a good read and decided to reproduce it for the benefit of those of you who are physicians in the making. However, due to its sheer length, I decided not to post the transcript here, but on my abandoned Friendster blog. It's a good thing I did, as you will see if you read it.

As a disclaimer, I want to clarify that I am not in any way attempting copyright infringement. My only purpose is to pass on a message that I believe should be heeded by all doctors and future doctors.

If I have piqued your interest, read this speech at Perhaps it will inspire you as you continue down the path you have chosen.

Saying Goodbye...

Well, now I am almost the only one left. Most of my friends in Miri have gone to register at their respective unis. I did not even get to say a proper farewell to some of them. But life is like that... So live with it.

A good friend, who did not get into the course she wanted, has resigned herself to embarking on the random course that she was offered. I really found it hard to think positively on her behalf. As a good friend, it is hard when you have the things she wants so much but, for certain reasons and twists of fate, does not have. It's hard to encourage others in this kind of situation. But I offered some way of consolation, that if she graduates from the course, she may have a job offer under her belt already, thanks to a recommendation from yours truly. For people with good characters like her, I am ready to pull a few strings. Society is in dire need of trustworthy characters, and a discerning employer will certainly take in reliable candidates.

As for myself... I already have a job... I can actually be categorised as a civil servant... How wonderful... *sarcasm drips* But, it's a job... And it will provide me the training that I want. That's for sure. I will ensure that I will emerge as a better person. Then I will be able to pursue higher goals should I wish to do so. But I will not neglect the needs of family and friends. If anyone needs help, I am willing to do what I can to render assistance. Of this, my friends, you have my word!