Thursday, February 01, 2007

On a high... Followed by a low...

No, no... it isn't drugs. Not me. Just that I'm getting a real kick (and a real pain) out of university applications. I have to admit, in this area, I really made a huge mess. Let's make a list(medicine only unless otherwise stated):

  1. University of Liverpool(REJECT)
  2. University of Manchester(Med+Pharm)(Conditional for Pharm)
  3. University of Nottingham(Med+Pharm)(Conditional for BOTH!)
  4. University of Sheffield(REJECT)


  1. University of Melbourne (2008 intake cos I couldn't make 2007, gah!)


  1. Trinity College Dublin

MALAYSIA(in the pipeline):

  1. International Medical University(Aug intake, twinning)
  2. University Of Nottingham Malaysia Campus(Pharmacy, twinning)

SINGAPORE: (in the pipeline too, duh!):

  1. NUS - YLLSoM

What the...? In total number of applications there are 11! Number of institutions: 9! (Nottingham Malaysia and UK count as 2) And don't ask how much I spend on application fees. Suffice to say that by the time I'm done with this, my Malaysian bank account will be rather ashamed of itself.