Saturday, October 21, 2006

Personal Post #1

I've decided finally to start posting my own personal thoughts on this blog after abandoning my friendster blog for the longest time. Maybe this is because it's the time of year where I start thinking back over the past year, now that it's only 12 days to the first A-level paper.

How hectic my life has been... Ok, it's just in some ways. After my last paper in SPM, I had to rush straight off to the ASEAN scholarship selection test, which landed me here. 5 days after my last A-level paper, my family is coming and I will, of course, keep them company. The day after they leave will then be the start of the JPA Kem Birotatanegara. I will have to pack and evacuate all my stuff from the boarding school within the space of about 3 days and then I will vanish from the boarding school, probably for good.

Overall, this year has been a good year. I've become a bit more mature, experienced more emotions, made some new friends, learned many lessons. But the one thing that angers me now about myself is my own reluctance to study really hard... I know it's the last lap, I know it's the crucial period, but why can't I get myself to focus?